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The International Livestock Research Institute is a CGIAR System research centre and the world’s premier animal research organization for the developing nations. ILRI’s mission is to improve food and nutritional security and to reduce poverty in developing countries through research for efficient, safe and sustainable use of livestock, thereby ensuring better lives through livestock. From major research facilities in Kenya and Ethiopia to strategic research partnerships across the rest of Africa, and South, Southeast and East Asia, ILRI’s research scientists partner with local and international counterparts in animal research organisations, governments and the development community across the world in the service of its mission. Funded through grants from governments, philanthropic bodies and joint research programs, ILRI manages significant capital assets and an annual operational budget of around $100 million in a vibrant organization committed to its noble charter.

ILRI is governed by a Board comprised of highly experienced persons from around the world. The Board is seeking future board members with general corporate board experience and financial literacy combined with high level experience in such fields as animal research governance, one health, genetics, production and other fields of international livestock research for development.

The Board meets physically twice each year with electronic communication at other times; a modest honorarium and travel costs are offered. At this time ILRI would particularly encourage persons experienced in livestock research and its governance and commercialization of research outputs to submit their CV’s indicating appropriate experience by clicking on the "Apply Now" tab above.